Our Stars

Child Advocates would like to thank the outstanding Chefs, Vintners and Restaurants who graciously donated all of the food and libations for this event:

Star Chefs

Executive Chef Ross Hanson, Oak & Rye Restaurant

Executive Chef Philipe Breneman, Lexington House

Executive Chef John Burke, Liquid Bread Gastropub

Executive Chef Jeff Fitzgerald, Dio Deka

Executive Chef Jarad Gallagher, Chez TJ

Chef de Cuisine Anthony Jimenez, The Table

Executive Chef Brad Kraten, Park Place

Executive Chef Lan Le, White Shallot

Executive Chef Randy Musterer “Sushi Randy”, Sushi Confidential

Executive Chef Justin Perez, Justin’s Restaurant

Head Baker Avery Ruzicka, The Manresa Bread Project

Executive Chef Chris Schloss, Fare PDQ

Executive Chef Josiah Slone,  Sent Sovi

Executive Chef Chris Yamashita, Brown Chicken Brown Cow

Bee Whisperer Tim Dauber, Bee Friendly

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